Am I eligible to apply for SPREAD?

SITE invites New Mexico-based artists and creative thinkers, working in all disciplines and at any stage in their career to apply. For our seventh SPREAD cycle, we invite studio artists currently working in New Mexico to apply. Applications this cycle will not be project-based, but will focus on artistic merit and innovation. Past SPREAD applicants have always included a number of artists with a studio-based practice, and this year we would like to acknowledge that rich community.

How will the artists be selected for each SPREAD event?

A selection committee that represents professionals from the fields of art, music, film, poetry, and performance reviews all submissions and selects up to six artists who will be invited to present their proposals to the SPREAD audience.  SPREAD 7.0 finalists will be selected based on past work as well as future promise.

What kinds of projects will the selection committee be looking for?

Some of the qualities that the selection committee will be looking for in artist project proposals include: innovation, creativity, and feasibility. Proposals do not necessarily need to be for discrete projects, but can include specific aspects of a larger project, such as: travel funds for a photo shoot or to meet collaborative partners, rent for a theatre space for a performance already in development, design fees or printing costs for a book of poetry, or supplies for an artist-led community action or event. For the 2021 SPREAD 7.0 cycle, the grant may be used to support ongoing work, including materials and supplies, studio rent, framing costs and other professional fees.

How large will the SPREAD grants be?

This deps. All SPREAD grants are funded directly by the diners who come to each SPREAD dinner. The more people who come, and the more they pay at the door (diners are asked to pay what they can from $15-$50), the larger the grant will be to the winning artist. Funds received at the door of each event go DIRECTLY to the artist whose proposal gets the most votes. This year, the grant amount will be determined by virtual votes! We estimate that grants will be approximately $5,000, but due to the overwhelming turnout and response to the inaugural event, the first grant was $7,722! Recipients are advised to consult a tax professional regarding the appropriate treatment of the SPREAD grant for Internal Revenue Service purposes.

Are there any “strings” attached to receiving a SPREAD grant?

The only thing we ask of SPREAD grantees is that they return to a future SPREAD dinner to share progress on their winning project.

Are there exhibition obligations or opportunities that come with winning a SPREAD grant?

Projects funded by SPREAD do not need to result in an exhibition and can take any form once realized. Although we hope that SPREAD will lead to a range of new opportunities for all presenting artists (which might include exhibiting at SITE), SPREAD is not explicitly connected to SITE’s exhibition program.