News » Click the link below to Vote for SPREAD 7.0

Click the link below to Vote for SPREAD 7.0

Posted on: May 27, 2021


Visit the website above

Click on each artist video to learn about their projects

Once you have watched each artist video, click on your favorite

In the bottom left corner, click the button that says VOTE 

Enter your Email, Name, and Credit Card Number

Under the heading titled Payment, enter the amount of “votes” you want to purchase. Each vote adds $5 to the micro-grant. 

  • To donate to the micro-grant, purchase the amount of “votes” equaling the amount of money you’d like to contribute. If you want to donate $25 for example, enter the number 5 into the Purchase field. 5 votes at $5 each equals a $25 donation to the micro-grant.

*PLEASE NOTE: SITE will award the final SPREAD micro-grant to the artist project with the most unique voters. 100% of vote donations go to the winning project. 

Though each voter can vote only once in a 24 hour period, we encourage you to vote daily to add funds to the micro-grant before the winner is announced on Thursday, June 17. 

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