Posted on: February 28, 2017

DRY MTN, an art collective based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was founded by Jesse Littlebird, Aryon Hopkins, and Eric Martinez. DRY MNT creates collaborative opportunities in the ABQ community where they teach and share skills in screen-printing, publications, and photography.
DRY MTN was born in the high desert by three artists longing to experiment and create tangible artifacts that will motivate and inspire our community to create. Our vehicle for this is currently large format print publications focused on photography and screen printing that melds our vastly differing Socio-Historic and artistic backgrounds. This tri-cultural amalgamation is celebrated with the community in collaborative environments where participants screen print issues for themselves and others. These popup printing parties have opened up a dialogue about the generation of art in our community. In that environment we are able to erases traditional thoughts about mediums, blurr semiotic language, authorship and artist’s Absolute Intention.

The three artists involved in this project previously collaborated through the Burque.org organization. Together they produced event posters that aggregated artistic and cultural gathering and distributed them throughout Albuquerque’s many diverse neighborhoods. In addition they held creative sessions at local businesses like Art Bar, offered free artist workshops at the South Valley Economic Development Center at the and hosted a TEDxABQ Salon about Collaboration in our Community.
The SPREAD grant will allow DRY MTN to purchase large-scale screen-printing equipment, and a Risograph printer which will allow for the production of at least three print publications.
The three print publications will be released roughly every 6 months, and each will be celebrated with a pop-up printing party.

To learn more about DRY MTN click here.

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