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Willy Bo Richardson

Posted on: September 15, 2014


Willy Bo Richardson is a painter whose work suggests linear movement, gravity, and the point in time at which material, artist, and action combine. Richardson teaches at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and exhibits his paintings nationally. He is represented by Richard Levy Gallery, where his work is on display until September 19. His work can also be seen at William Siegal Gallery through Septermber 23.


I work with the laws of gravity and the rainbow. Accidental drips and intentional vertical strokes meet at the confluence of attraction and aspirations.

“We will be soldiers, so our sons may be farmers, so their sons may be artists.”
-John Adams


Despite the fact that I support my family through my art, I have always felt as though a good studio space would be a luxury. Now I see it is a necessity. When my daughter turned 6 I felt like I could commit to more time for my studio practice. I was turning 40 and it was time to “move out of the college dorm room.” I found a warehouse with skylights and high ceilings on the south side of town, built a dividing wall and found a studio-mate to take the other space. I am now very happy to be in a 650 square foot space that has more than fulfilled my needs. The development I am experiencing with my new paintings is meaningful. However, right now, the extra $500/month is something that makes a difference in my family’s humble budget.

If I am the winner of SPREAD 5.0, the money will go directly towards paying rent for my studio each month. When rent comes due instead of a subtle anxiety that creeps through, questioning whether I will be able to keep this going, I will feel a gratitude to my community for helping me along with one less uncertainty, and as a result I will be able to dedicate more energy towards my long term goals and creative path.


Look at more of Willy Bo Richardson’s paintings on his website here.

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