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Lucrecia Troncoso

Posted on: September 14, 2014


Lucrecia Troncoso is a multimedia artist from Argentina.  Her work explores material presence, the natural world, and methodical processes. Troncoso, who graduated with an MFA in New Practices from San Francisco State University in 2005, has been living in Santa Fe for the past three years. Her work has been shown both locally and internationally, including recent exhibitions at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, 33 Montezuma Arts, and the New Mexico Museum of Arts as part of their Alcove exhibitions. Troncoso recently completed a residency at the Bemis center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, where she received an Emmy Gifford Foundation Fellowship.


I work with a material’s core essence.  I buy materials that eagerly await the hand of an artist to become a landscape, a figure, or an abstraction.  My interest, however, is not into what the material can be manipulated, but in the material itself.  I play with a material’s autonomy, its core essence, and self-sufficiency.  Purposely overworking a material’s main function, I expose it until it pushes past its utility. I work systematically to achieve a balanced result that is sometimes poetic, and other times, matter-of-fact.


This past August, I decided to quit my day job to give my full attention to my studio practice.  A few weeks later, I learned that I was selected as a finalist for SPREAD.  It was a pleasant and timely surprise.  The SPREAD seed money will help pay for practicalities such as studio rent and for materials as I move forward with new projects.  It will give me the opportunity to strengthen my practice by being in the studio full-time in the next year.


View more of Lucrecia’s work here.

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