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Chris Collins

Posted on: September 13, 2014


Chris Collins is a sculptor and found object artist whose current work addresses themes of technology, science, nature, and the passage of time. Born and raised in Alabama, Collins has an MFA from Memphis College of Art and a BFA in painting from University of Montevallo. In the past ten years, he has primarily engaged with the processes of metal casting, and has worked in several foundries, becoming a highly skilled foundry artisan.

In addition to his studio practice, Collins also assists others in learning the lost wax process that he uses in his own work. He is an avid hiker and prolific gardener and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with artist Jennifer Joseph.


“Over the past decade, my process has primarily been metal casting, specifically working with found objects.  Through a long and ancient process, I have molded and reproduced found objects in various metals.  This process drives me conceptually, as cast metal sculpture provides a means of historical preservation.  These objects, when taken out of our own cultural context and made permanent in metal, will become the artifacts of the distant future.  While engaging, this process proves unsustainable both physically as an artist and ecologically.  This conundrum brings me to the conclusion that perhaps it is time to move toward a more sustainable art practice, and in that also embracing that of the impermanent.”


I int to use SPREAD funding to help aid in a transition towards a sustainable practice.  As my work has always sprung from my collection of objects, I am finding that space for work and storage is an increasing issue.  I plan on using SPREAD funds to rent a studio to enable space for new objects and new process to take form.  Beyond a year of studio rent, any remaining funds would go toward that of the collecting itself, which involves traveling into the depths of obscure junk piles far and wide.

You can view more of Chris Collin’s work here.

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