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Wise Fool New Mexico

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Wise Fool New Mexico (WFNM), is an award-winning, Santa Fe-based arts organization dedicated to social change and the infusion of art back into daily life through circus, puppetry, and theatre. Wise Fool i

s currently developing InMigration, a performance that will explore the universal and timely themes of migration, immigration, their intersection, and the search for “home”. Created specifically for touring, InMigration seeks to engage and inspire the diverse audiences who are drawn to outdoor arts festivals, while sparking both imaginations and dialogue. For this project, WFNM will draw upon our experience in creating over 23 original works since 2000, and successfully touring the outdoor stilt spectacle Flexion across the US to 15 festivals in the past five years.

InMigration will be performed by five artists on stilts within a landscape of three kinetic tripods whose mobile arms rotate and tilt, creating pathways for aerial movement. Dressed in flowing fabrics, the structures will transform from gigantic body extensions to “homes” with performers perched atop, moving between, and revealing from within, as they swoop, dive, and contort in juxtaposition to the landscape and each other – at times gracefully loyal, at others comically contrary. InMigration will be accompanied by an original soundscape.

WFNM would use SPREAD funds to design, engineer, and construct the kinetic tripod apparatuses, ranging 9 to 22 feet in height. This includes the purchase of materials and payment of artist fees to the project directors and apparatus designers and builders.

Winter 2011/12: tripod design by WFNM and internationally recognized, local sculpture artists Christian Ristrow and Christina Sporrong. Spring 2012: tripod construction; script development; casting. Summer 2012 – Winter 2012/13: cast exploration of apparatuses, development of choreography, soundscape, lighting, sound design. Spring 2013: final rehearsals, previews. Summer 2013: InMigration debut.

WFNM is built upon the premise that the artists in our society are the groundbreakers and visionaries, instigating discourse and societal evolution. In order for art such as InMigration to widely affect our society, it must move beyond theater walls and traditional arts audiences into public spaces, engaging entire communities. InMigration is based in popular mediums (sculpture, circus arts, dance, theatre) and bls tempting visuals and intensely physical theatricality to beguile audiences and lure even the most resistant from their daily pathways into what is often an “accidental” experience of theater arts in a public setting.

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  1. Bon Malten Says:

    We should be able to vote online!!!

  2. Irene Hofmann Says:

    Congratulations to Wise Wool New Mexico for being awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts!

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