Munson Hunt

Posted on: September 28, 2011

I am requesting funding for a project entitled “Reclamation”, an installation of sculptures that originated from reclaimed cottonwood from a Nambe ranch. These wood sculptures are charred and covered in graphite; all are a similar rectangular shape. Their size is human scale and larger–standing 6 to 8 1/2 feet tall. Chainsaw marks and rippled charred surfaces claim the simple forms which are all slightly different in character due to the hand-cut nature of the process I use. There will be a total of 10 sculptures. In addition to these 10 monolithic forms, “Reclamation” will have a sound component– the sound of wind, birds, and squeaking metal which is the true sound of the abandoned horse arena I am renting to create this project. With additional funding that I am now seeking, the 10 sculptures of “Reclamation” can travel to additional venues around the country.

I would like to focus on showing these sculptures in small museums, university galleries and non-propfit spaces, and eventually, finding a permanent home for the series.

I began “Reclamation” a year ago.  The wood sculptures of “Reclamation” will be completed in September in time for a solo show in the Munoz Waxman Gallery at Center for Contemporary Art. Securing a future show for both the wood and the glass sculptures out of state is my next goal. University galleries, non-profit spaces and small museums are my focus.  With funding, I will be able to hire the crane, truck, forklift, and crew necessary to transport and install these works.

This project is important because in the big picture we may not have trees this size on the planet, let alone the high desert landscape in the near future. I am constantly faced with this fact each time I look for material. Drought and fire are quickly carving this landscape into one of repeated history as the cycle continues.