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Rebecca Holland

Candy Project
Posted on: March 11, 2011

My work usually begins by searching for invisible or overlooked qualities in a space which I can “adjust” to create a new awareness of one’s environment and experience of space. My interventions have an element of discovery, and are not always immediately visible- very often the material or mediums I choose are ephemeral, and do not last.

My project would begin by identifying a compelling exterior space in Santa Fe that otherwise goes unnoticed by passersby. I propose to spread a 1” layer of cast, crushed, bright green candy on this site. This would bring attention to this space, and give it a temporary life. I propose the piece to stay up for 2-3 weeks, or however long it will take for the first good rain to make it dissolve and disappear.

I would use the grant money to buy the candy- what I use is a beet sugar which I melt and crush (it is more stable than cane sugar). I have 300 sq ft. of crushed candy, but I estimate requiring approximately 550-600 more lbs. at a cost of $2,000. If possible, labor assistance would also be helpful.

I estimate the casting/crushing and installation process to take 3 weeks. The project should be installed in the driest months of June or September, and last until the first rain when the candy starts to dissolve. I prefer the piece not to be up longer than 1 month.

I think it is important to make our environment more visible and bring up the question of how much of our physical world we really see. Nowadays we are numbed by noise, media, and virtual space, creating a situation in which we are less and less able to simply observe and discover our immediate surroundings. My hope is that this project will draw attention to an insignificant, and mundane space, transforming it into something beautiful and ridiculous, for just a moment.

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