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SPREAD 1.0 winner – MEOW WOLF

Posted on: March 16, 2011

In May of 2011 Meow Wolf will construct The Due Return, a trans-dimensional ship that has sailed into and out of multiple eras through a series of vortices. The ship will be 70 ft. long, 25 ft. wide, and 14 ft. high, and will sit inside of CCA Santa Fe’s Munoz-Waxman Gallery. The ship will be a fully-explorable vessel, giving audiences 8 different rooms to experience. For example:

– A sci-fi, futuristic control room will house hundreds of buttons, joysticks, and dials to give audience members a hands-on, interactive relationship with their environment.

– An Archive/Library room will hold a rich, fictional history of the ship, the past and present crew members and the time-spaces that the ship has traveled to.

– Bunk spaces will act as individual installation cubes for artists to execute more specific concepts.

– An upstairs Lounge, with a turn-of-the-century motif, will serve drinks and food to guests, and act as a music venue for invited musical acts during the run of the show.

Sound, video and performance art will be incorporated into the ship, surrounding viewers with a truly multi-media art experience.

If Meow Wolf was to receive the SPREAD grant, the money would go towards the lumber and tools needed to construct the ship. These items will be reusable for future Meow Wolf projects.


Meow Wolf will begin constructing The Due Return on March 22nd, 2011. We will have two months for construction, and the show will open in late May. The show will run through the summer.


The Due Return is an opportunity for local, emerging artists in Santa Fe to install a show that will expand Santa Fe’s cultural profile. The art experience that Meow Wolf plans on creating will be accessible to artists and art-goers that don’t normally have an interest in Santa Fe’s art scene, and will be refreshing and fun for those that do. With nearly 100 volunteer artists working on this project, The Due Return will act as a centerpiece for an arts sub-culture that deserves to be recognized by both local and national art audiences.

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